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We believe that everyone, regardless of age, is

Able, Resilient, Intelligent, Successful, and Effective in their community and shall A.R.I.S.E!


ARISE’s Mission is to serve the community in Mental Health and Substance Use. To provide services that will help decrease homelessness in our aged-out adolescents, our Veterans, and our re-entry populations. “Our” is used before each group of people we serve as a reminder that they belong to someone, and they are not alone.


Our Vision is the pathway to maintaining stability. Our focus is to help the patient become strong enough to face the root causes of their mental health issues, addictions, or explosive behavior, offer new coping skills, and have them become active in utilizing their skills daily. We encourage family and friends to support the patients’ new approach to how they handle everyday situations. We know new coping skills and processing strategies; will change emotional reactions and spontaneous behaviors.


Our Doctors, Clinicians, Behavioral Health Tech, Case Managers and Peer Support Specialists, as a team, identify a patient’s imminent needs. We provide interventions to help maintain stabilization, for our patients that have reached a level of recovery. This team approach allows us to minimize overlapping services and avoid missing an opportunity to better serve our patients. We foster a holistic approach to the patient’s personal plan for recovery and healing. Our long-term goal is to educate our patients on how their past hurts have impacted their life. Processing the past mends the present. This allows for long-term healing, recovery, sobriety, and living a positive lifestyle.

A.R.I.S.E Community Solutions

ARISE Community Solutions is an outpatient treatment center specializing in dual psychiatry and general healthcare.

ARISE provides services in a semi-restrictive environment while having a clinical approach to our client’s individual treatment plans. We work with clients through their crises to gain stability. Introducing to them coping skills so they can gain the ability to function independently from their addiction.

We foster an atmosphere that allows our clients and staff to feel safe, protected, and motivated, to achieve a successful recovery with longevity in mind.

We support our clients as they reconnect to self, family, friends, and their community.


The Team, Over 30 years of Experience combined.


Missy Bordenkircher has a master’s in counseling and Education. She is trained in EMDR, Play Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy. She specializes in working with individuals 10 years and above.

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Lydia Sanabria
Executive Director
The Business

Our Business story


1995: Working Experience

Ms. Sanabria has worked for numerous non-profit agencies in the human service field since 1995. Her professional journey began at her local health department, in the immunization department, as an outreach worker/educator. She worked side by side with the nurses, made home visits to inform parents and caregivers on the importance of getting their children immunized on time. In 2004, she moved on to work for the Board of Education as a Certified Parent Educator. Working with parents, teachers, and social workers creating safe boundaries for at risk students. In 2007, made another move to work for the Women, Infant and Children Dept (WIC), started as a program assistant, resigning as a program administrator after 13 years of service in 2020. During it all, Ms. Sanabria, return to school to obtain her education as an adult learner. Graduating with her Master’s in Management and Health Care Alliance in 2017, with an undergrad in Human Service and Early Education. Working with families is her passion, helping them learn new skills to break down the generational vicious cycle of family dysfunctions. Providing options on how to handle life’s curve ball with intelligence and not emotions for better outcomes taping into the resources within the community.


2019: A.R.I.S.E. Was Born

In 2019, Ms. Sanabria had a vision, and ARISE was born in a different state. The foundation and preliminary were being worked on but a medical health issue arose and placed everything on hold.

In 2020, the world was shut down to Covid-19. Life had many changes, challenges, and opportunities in the midst of chaos.


2021: Rebirth of A.R.I.S.E.

In August 2021, the rebirth of ARISE was done in the state of Arizona with a few core professionals, community supporters, and family members. The mission was refocused to Mental Health, Substance Use, and our Veterans.


2022: Open doors

ARISE opened its doors in March, and the clinic was licensed by March 28, 2022. On September 23, 2022, we received our official letter from the IRS as a Nonprofit Foundation; and since opening, we have served over 65 patients and growing. All done in a team approach because we know this works best!